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Submitted on
August 16, 2009
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Because you could not stop for Death
I made sure he stopped for thee
The carnage held within ourselves
the immorality

I slowly drove the knife, grim taste
my victim put away
my killer's labor a pleasure too
stole his virility

I passed the fool whose children preyed
on him, wrestling for his ring
I slashed them, red haze of pain
I slashed, watched red blood run

I paused before a man who screamed
a wailing most profound
though it was scarcely audible
'neath his burial mound

Since put in penitentiary, I beseech
for mercy, as draws close the day
I realize I shall lose my head
with the executioner's glee

edit 1/23/10
copywrite 2009
-dave skowronek
This is a horror/black comedy version of a famous Emily Dickinson poem. She didn't title her poems . It is # 712
[link] to read the original.

I love her poetry and this came out of a debate w/ my bro about Ms. Dickinson's work. We started talking about how she seemed obsessed w/ Death. Jokes started flowing. Eric said close to the 1st line then I thought about those Jane Austin/ zombie horror mash-ups that are hot right now and a lightbulb went off. I tried as best I could to stay within the parameters of the classic and beautiful original. With my humble skill set this is my attempt. Comments very welcome.

edited and updated 1/23/10
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Your hard work is evident, this is a wonderful adaptation. There's an acerbic edge here that works very well. Bravo. :clap:
Hey thanks! You just made me smile after a rough day at work. Thanks for the fave, as well.
No problem. :thumbsup:
Twisted and awesome
BlueSilverUU Aug 30, 2009
It's good to see people reading the classics and learning from them. Very cool!
Thank you. I have a tendency to be sponge- I absorb everything. It's a habit I picked up from being a musician. I'm into classic music and films, as well. You can always learn from a classic! Thanks for the feedback,also.
Ahaha, this is sooo her style.

Emily Dickinson was the first poet I ever encountered... in recent times I'd nigh forgotten. Thanks very much for the refresher.

I think you've nailed it, I really do. This is exactly her style.
Thank you for the high compliment! Seems like I did all right on this one.:) (I'm blushing)
Blush is cool, haha :)
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