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Winter's Next
Bare trees,
soon to
bear the weight of
Ice and Snow
:iconbd5000:bd5000 3 1
When It Comes To My Time
When it comes to my time
I will lie on a hill
cry all my tears
and sing of you still
For the song is unbroken
it carries my will
so I will lie on the grass
and sing of you still
:iconbd5000:bd5000 1 4
Girl From The Mountains
She has bright eyes
The girl from the mountains
She sees me true
She does not lie
The Girl
From the mountains
She sings bright songs
The girl from the mountains
She sings them true
They do not lie
The Girl
From the mountains
She brings bright truth
The girl from the mountains
She keeps me true
We do not lie
The Girl
Came down the Mountain
:iconbd5000:bd5000 4 0
simple chords of simple folk
easy dream remembered when I woke
red haired Gillian amidst the smoke
:iconbd5000:bd5000 1 0
There's this beautiful woman I know
She stops by and gives me some time
And, then again, she's out of my door
she'll be back when she needs a dime
This isn't something I do anymore
This is something that's only for her
And if I can't be anything more
Then this is what I have to endure
for Juliet
She's impossible to forget
She's as addictive as these cigarettes
She is impossible to forget
And if I did I would always regret
'Cuz I don't want to lose her, Juliet
She's addictive like these cigarettes
She's impossible to forget
If I did I would only regret it
'Cuz I don't wanna lose her
"cuz I don't wanna lose her
:iconbd5000:bd5000 3 2
Tell That Girl
I'm a little bit sad today
'cause that blue eyed woman is away
I been thinkin' about her since- I woke up
Yeah, she's on my mind
whom I kiddin', I think about her all the time
guess it's about time- I spoke up
Woman if I had to speak true
I would have to tell you
that I'm in love with you
It's something I do to myself
I'm not sure if she feels it herself
If I don't ask her- I'll never know
She's got a big heart
now it's up to me to do my part
Take a hold of my fear, then- let it go
This time I'm gonna speak true
This time I'm gonna tell you
That I'm in love
This time I'm gonna speak true
This time I'm gonna tell you
That I'm in love
That I'm in love
That I'm in Love With You
:iconbd5000:bd5000 6 4
Mature content
Honeydews :iconbd5000:bd5000 4 2
Folk Legend
he stands in chill air
outside the bar where the folk singers
tell tales on thursday nights
(no smoking allowed)
his cigarette extinguished in the slush
by the side of the street
he kicks his boots on the curb
before he re-enters the club
hearing a girl sing
angel from montgomery
in a way that makes his heart ache
and makes his hands itch
he pulls his wide brim hat low
as he takes a seat at the counter
bartender asks "another?" and he merely
nods as his glass is refilled
he looks at the small stage to watch the girl
smiles and thinks if it was twenty years ago
as she finishes the song he turns back to the barkeep
"who's the girl?" he wonders aloud
and the guy leans in to say "names tina, I think, she said tina lee."
"invite her back next friday. I'll be here."
"sure, bob."
he drains the whiskey and leaves out the back door
returning to his ranch in the mountains
until next friday.
:iconbd5000:bd5000 4 0
Rolling over, now awake
I smell you in the kitchen
brewing, arousing
Spoon the sugar, pour the milk
climbing back into bed
Share that morning cup
:iconbd5000:bd5000 2 0
playing bongos requires
a sure and steady touch
palms that seek to slap
while never being 'too much'
drums aren't even needed
and if you lack a good pair
kiss your woman, roll her over
and use her derriere
:iconbd5000:bd5000 1 2
When Free
in obscure hours
the sky has melted away
fingertips touch above treetops
hearts sprout feathers to fly
:iconbd5000:bd5000 10 12
Nothing At All 2010
As I live and breath
there's one thing I believe in
It brings me a reprieve
As i live and breath
If I can't conceive
of the one thing I believe in
If I can't retrieve
what was stolen by thieves
  I'm sick of crawling through this mud
  Sick of losing all this blood
  Ending up misunderstood
    I got nothing to lose
    I got nothing at all
    I got nothing to lose
And I don't want to be this way anymore
And I don't want to be this way anymore
:iconbd5000:bd5000 4 3
The Story On H
     As every morning, H awakens in his typical suburban home. Routinely and mindlessly relieving himself, he then efficiently dresses in his suit and tie, drinks coffee ( two sugars, two creams ), kisses wife and children and heads out to work.
     In his imported car ( nothing flashy ), H drives to the bank, practicing his phony ' customer service ' smile in his rear view mirror. He suppresses a grimace as the building looms before him.
     It's a cool morning, so H briskly walks into the office, removing coat and gloves, looking at no one, save one sideways glance at Penny Wills at the desk H passes every day to reach his cubicle. Perhaps she would speak to him today.
     After one hour of accounting work on the computer, H's boss walks by , arriving late as he is wont to.
     "Good morning, sir," says H.
:iconbd5000:bd5000 3 3
the pull of her kiss
lips smack sweetly of whipped cream
dessert had been served
:iconbd5000:bd5000 4 5
Over and Under
Take me over and under
Splash me like the sea
Take me over and under
A new opportunity
Take me over and under
Passions can be free
Take me over and under
To the place I need to be
Take me over and under
Winks and nods will show
Take me over and under
It's like a picture show
Take me over and under
The space that we both know
Take me over and under
To the places we will go
:iconbd5000:bd5000 2 5
Mature content
Singer's Song :iconbd5000:bd5000 3 1


After the Pie by fetishErotic After the Pie :iconfetisherotic:fetishErotic 6 8 Rose Hathaway by RoseHathaway256 Rose Hathaway :iconrosehathaway256:RoseHathaway256 10 5 petit rat by ModelDonna
Mature content
petit rat :iconmodeldonna:ModelDonna 54 11
Polly 1 by poriginal Polly 1 :iconporiginal:poriginal 776 43
Let's build a tunnel
We walk in this barren land
Dreaming of trees long gone.
The mountains are just blocks of sand,
Blocking our way home.
Our hands are dry thanks to the sun,
And water runs away.
Let's look for a way across the mountains
Somewhere we can pray safe.
We dream of cities, we dream of glory,
We dream for the other side.
We push our feet one step ahead
Even though we should hide.
We huff and puff against the land
Trying to change our fate.
Let's look for a way to cross the mountains
And be able to dominate.
Let's go look for Alfred Nobel,
Joseph Wilbrand can help us too.
Just be careful with your own faces.
Or the faces of your family's youth.
We have our hands filled with glory
In the shape of little red sticks.
Let's make our way to cross the mountains
Using any and every trick.
We will make a hole and rip it all
And dig the mountain open.
We will take the sand and roots,
The nature's shoes, the species chosen.
We will dig away and then we'll pray
To reach glory as cities call.
Let's make ou
:icon0indigo0:0Indigo0 2 5
Indigo Child
Through the aviary enclosed entirely in glass, toward the mall of reproduced greenery and an ever changing array of small eating establishments, like so many plug-ins.
Above, through a high dome of perfect glass, the sky was a gorgeous unending blue with fluffy white clouds idly floating along. There was even the glowing hit to one side of the sun. It was beautiful.
It was programmed that way.
Sitting at a strange prefabricated one-piece bench and table that resembled epoxy in color and feel, Elwood marveled at the new city center that the mayor had built on top of Walled City. It seemed very odd to Elwood that anyone of money and stature would contract a city center on top of Walled City. Even more that they would set up such glorified consumerism… well maybe not.
Walled City was a compacted, tightly contained, yet roughly constructed 10 square blocks and 9 stories of metal, corrugated plastic, and any material available and sturdy enough to build with. A series of narrow stairwa
:iconrunnrabbitrunn:RUNNrabbitRUNN 5 9
Jon And Amber by straymessenger Jon And Amber :iconstraymessenger:straymessenger 1 0
i was here!  dammit!
i wanna be remembered!
for something - to justify
the fact that i was here!
...but, maybe it doesn't matter.
burn my butt to ashes.  scatter
me, in the Genesee, near the farm.
mutter that i never did
mm-much harm.
llp - may2011 - dA
:iconalapip:alapip 6 17
Apple, cherry, peach,
Choc-o-late pudding as well,
You must try them all.
:iconwishonabluemoon:WishOnABlueMoon 1 12
they do not die
spread diffuse,
multi billion light years wide
and deep, the atoms do not sleep.
connected by the quantum laws,
space, not filled with empty maws,
but energy strewn everywhere, [un-lost],
our sentience to keep.
this Easter morning, sunshine fine,
it is the cosmos keeping mine.
llp - apr2011 - dA
may01/2011 - DLD
:iconalapip:alapip 8 29
Casablanca comes to mind.
The smashing of the rocks on the cliff,
the eternal waves finding a beautiful place to crash into the eroding rock.
Endless nights with your arms wrapped around my waist,
your soft breath kissing my skin, making my hair dance with it's tender care.
The shining moon over the silver sea,
returning faithfully every night, even after the sea has had a terrible storm.
That is what I want us to be.
:iconbitybaby45:bitybaby45 1 0
a beating heart, torn
a heart...
worn, still bleeding,
on a stricken sleeve,
where its past is written,
depicting life
in dark scenes.
sometimes recounted
as expanded lore,
some small, sad,
shallow victories
won, one by one by one -
seemingly, by two,
seen as reflected recollections
in a clear pool surface, where
momentary apparitions appear.
they abut, but are not conjoined,
[nor ever were, really].
though the subject of love
is covered to the depth
of oceans, we each reach out
to persue our personal parcel,
held for telling,
and told as in a tolling,
as in a beating heart, worn
upon a tattered sleeve,
where a soul resides -
feeling, as is usual,
too exposed.
llp - feb2011 - dA
:iconalapip:alapip 10 26
born from the glacier
strewn on the ground
she, a whiter shade of pale
a Russian in a relative way
soft flower, growing green eyes
it's all untitled
energy stands still
he, a caged raven
melancholy sheltered
an American free of judgement
he takes her in his arms
soft and calmly like a butterfly
:iconiampoetry:iamPoetry 2 4
Valentine to a Lycanthrope
Luna will always be your mistress.
And heavenly.
I am contented to play
Second fiddle to such grace.
What do I have compared to that?
I just ask-
If I can  be yours;
Would you take me as a lover?
You can tear me apart if you must,
For such audacity or insolence.
But love me.
I wish no more than that.
:iconrockgem:rockgem 5 10



dave skowronek
United States
I am a single father of two boys,a musician,a writer,a blue collar worker. I love art of all kinds.My brother, Eric,is a painter,photographer, guitar player. We play in a band with our best friend ,Mike(bass).I'm interested in all cultures and I love to expand my horizons.Peace.

Current Residence: redford,mi
Favourite genre of music: jazzbluesrockfunksoulcountrydiscoold school punk soundtrack music
Favourite photographer: somebody on here!
Favourite style of art: surreal or classical styles.Sketches.
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby or Bugs
Personal Quote: "Those not busy being born are busy dying" Bob Dylan
No, I don't hear the bells tolling, just amazed at how much faster life seems to move forward, the older you get the more you notice it. Here's winter knocking at the door already. Summer blew by in a breeze of little league games with my older son and concerts with friends. Fall hit, then Blam! Halloween, Thanksgiving...almost December now, soon to be 2012 ( only 100 years to find out if Rush's album was prophetic! 2112, get it? sorry, huge Rush fan here!!). The good news is , I take every day one at time and enjoy every moment that I can. It's all about new experiences.
  • Listening to: Shelby Lynne
  • Reading: The Eye of the World
  • Watching: The Walking Dead, Terra Nova
  • Playing: my acoustic
  • Drinking: too much coffee


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